Coffee & Tea Organizing

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So there was a joke this morning about my coffee and tea addiction, which I started and was in good fun. I posted this picture to Facebook and Twitter because a few people had teased me that maybe I wasn’t truly the addict I had claimed to be. (Yes, that really is my morning iced latte sitting there, I’m in the damn club) 🙂



But then the lovely Amanda Atchley & I got to talking about all my teas too & she asked to see them, playing around. I thought, why not? So going with the gag, I went to take a picture… Except they were every where! It took me 10 minutes to pull all my coffees & teas out of all my hiding spots in two drawers & five different cabinet shelves. (Yeah, I wince at admitting that one too.) When I was done, this was what I had.

Coffee & Teas

And yes those ARE vases you see holding my teas. I’m a very visual person, if I don’t see it, I forget about it, but I love clean counter tops & I HATE clutter. Tea boxes don’t stack well & something always ends up in the back of the cabinet & undoubtedly ends up expiring… Yes, there were two causalities from the picture that way. Whoops!

But then I remembered this article I read & posted to Facebook a while back about inventive tricks for home improvement projects to save space. And BAM, idea! (Yes, I really will do anything to get out of Sunday edits, now won’t I?!) So #7 in the article is using a plastic shoe organizer in your pantry. I ended up getting one, but my pantry is mostly boxes, cans, & pop, so I never put anything in the damn thing. (Okay, there’s actually a huge top shelf of alcohol, but whatever, not relevant really for this post).

Here’s what my #7 looks like, sitting there all alone and empty all this damn time 🙁

Empty Pantry

So sad, but thus, at least I got it up which is much better than all the unpacking and organizing I still need to do from the move into this house that happened, oh, 13 months ago (I know, time flies right?). I thought why not time it for fun? And I’m just that competitive with myself. I put my phone on the counter, hit the stopwatch and blinked at my stack, not knowing where to start. Then I stopped the clock, and went to do some edits. When I got tired of that (oh, after 2 chapters) I realized the answer was simple–start at the bottom with what I use least often. So that’s what I did. Herbal & caffeine free, went down there which helped keep the plastic steady (yes, herbal is least used in my house because I need the caffeine), then came special order, samples, & fancy-fancy teas, next black teas, then my most often used–green teas, & the room I had left I filled with K-cups not in my holder on the counter. This was the result:

Pantry Done

As you can see, I even cut the front off the boxes I had so it’s easy to see what teas are in what compartments. Wanna guess how long it took? 16:21 total. Yeah, That one shocked me too. It took me just under 16.5 minutes to put that all in there, including folding up the boxes and stuffing them in the recycling. Granted, it took me ten minutes to drag it all out, but still, under a half an hour to completely reorganize ALL my coffees and teas. I did three spurts of about five minutes in between edits, dishes, writing this post, & getting this weeks #amwritings scheduled on Hootesuite. Seriously, it was about a song on my iPod each round & then I went back to work.

It did get a little tricky around the knob there because it’s not a full size door. Let me get a zoom in there.

Zoom in

I would recommend handling that bad boy first with whatever is the smallest amount you have. I might change things up and stick the very flat sample teas over there if it gets in the way of closing the door later, but it closes fine now! And here’s what’s left of the original photo. (keep in mind, I only had to toss two things because of expiration dates).


I checked, it takes up one shelf in one cabinet now, that’s it. It’s basically where all the Starbucks stuff was to start with the extras there now too instead of other things I have in the pantry. AND I finished all my edits while these pictures were loading onto the post and being cleaned up through photoshop.

Now I just have to remember to send Brandi the tea I promised her too 🙂

So, big kisses to Amanda Atchley for giving me the idea–if you weren’t already in my 3F Advisors group, I swear you’d be getting some free books, girl, because picking on me just saved me some major space and I hate doing projects alone, but this was fun playing with it on the blog. I do like taking pictures… Just not of myself.

Oh, maybe a print book? Haven’t sent you one of those in a while 🙂

Hope this helps someone else organize their own addition!!