Books and Writing

  • Yes, except Who Needs Christmas & Wolf Harem are concluded series. All the Marius Brothers & O’Hagans have their HEA’s & books, so those are done as well.

    The following series have no plans of new books in the foreseeable future: Resistant Omegas, Beyond the Marius Brothers, Unmated at Midnight, Midnight Matings, Anything Goes, Hiding Hounds, Purrfect Mates, Delta Wolf, Sons of Thanatus, Guardians of the Forest, and North American Dragons.

    There were be lots of the following series as fast as my fingers can type and all on the calendar as soon as releases are schedule: Hounds of Hell, Shifting Reality, Dr. Kelly Murphy, Seraphine Thomas, Warrior Camp (re-releases first), Open Ended Voyage, SeXlection… And I think I have some new ones up my sleeves so stay tuned!!

  • I have no idea. If I haven’t written it yet I really have no idea, but for those I do, please check announcements, the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Coming Soon area… ALL the different places I post about these things. For WIP, a few months after I finish them.

  • No. For legal reasons, but also because I’m kind of possessive of my characters and stories.

  • Again, no. Mostly because I do not have the time. But also, because I do not want to encounter an issue where I am accused of stealing an idea or concept.

Scheduling and Tech Support


*These are all the personal questions that are appropriate for fans to have the answer to. If you have other curiosities unanswered, sorry but you’ll live. Life is full of unanswered questions. I want to know Jensen Ackles fantasies & how big certain parts of him are, that doesn’t mean I feel I have the right to ask either!


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