How Do You Get in the Mood?

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How Do You Get in the Mood?  by Havan Fellows

So, evidently I’m busier than I thought I was. I’m adding to a shifter story for an scary October release (I shared a snippet for the Seduce Day with the beautifully talented Erin), I’m plotting out a “flirt” story for my publisher Breathless Press for December, and wouldn’t you just guess that an idea for a special Valentine’s story just rolled into my brain and is making waves with the regulars up there…seriously? Talk about a “What the fu…um…freak?!?!” moment I’m having. This is in addition to my regular Pulp Friction writing and Story Orgy prompt stories.

All of this is happening in June/July…jeez, no wonder my mind is so mucked up! I don’t know whether I’m coming or going…burning up or cooling down…rolling houses or rolling Santa. It seems like I’m always months in front of the season…or months behind…depending on personal preference.

So what do I do to get in the mood?

Oh my, well isn’t that a loaded question? Seriously, Erin won’t invite me back if I answer that truthfully…oh, you mean in the mood for writing seasonal topics. Dude, with the company we keep—you really need to specify better.

Because let’s face it, sex scenes are so much easier to get in the mood for than seasonal scenes.

Now just listen—I didn’t say sex scenes were easy to write (god knows they’re not…at least not for me). All the pronouns getting muddied up with hands, and sometimes I think my men are touching themselves instead of each other—which actually works too, but if it isn’t what I meant…um…yeah.

Moving forward, if I need to get in the mood for sexing up a scene, I simply touch…um…I touch my play button on my remote. Yes…remote touching is a must (well, really any battery operated handheld device might work).

But it’s not that easy when I’m trying to get in the holiday spirit—no matter what holiday we’re talking about. For instance, A Christmas Story doesn’t have the same effect on me as say Spanking Alphas would—and on a side note, don’t judge. Though I do think that if we could combine a couple aspects of a few key movies and come up with something like It’s a Wonderfully Hard and Thick Life…well that might work—or—it could scar me for an eternity that I would be destined to spend in hell for mutilating a holiday icon…yeah, either or.

And that’s not even ghosting on the tricks or treats I do to get in the mood for a scary spooky yank ’em and spank ’em Halloween short. Oh my, look at that…out of time already…

Okay now…I’ve got to finish this sexy scene for a demanding main character that wants to bring down the whole cabin before enjoying post coital bliss. Where did I put that darn remote?

So what do ya’ll do to get in the mood? Whether that mood is for snowmen and hot peppermint chocolate or big beautiful bears and hot toddies…

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