Keeping My Men from Straying

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Keeping My Men from Straying by Dianne Hartsock

Help! How do I keep my heroes from straying into the arms of the wrong man? This is a new problem for me. In most of my stories, you have the hero and his love interest, and we follow them through the ups and downs of their relationship until they find their Happily Ever After.

Not so much in my current WIP! I guess it doesn’t help that my villain Piter looks an awful lot like Mathias Lauridsen, with the face of an angel and lips that would bring a devil to his knees. Oh, and that grin with the hint of the devil himself in it. Sigh!

It also doesn’t help that my hero Nico has a history with Piter. No, they’re not in love, but they’ve tumbled into bed together on more than one occasion. Keep in mind, this was long before Nico and Jamie ever met. Can’t have readers up in arms because my hero has two love interests. This isn’t that kind of story. (Though threesomes can be delicious too!)

But as a reader also, I know I can’t have my hero straying to someone else, even in his thoughts! Unless he has a darn good reason for doing so. This is where my story is getting tricky. That villain Piter is playing up to Jamie for the simple goal of making Nico feel jealous and hurt. The problem: he’s very good at it! There are moments when I feel like tossing all three of them on a bed and letting them go at it.

But no! Cool down, guys. This isn’t the ultimate goal of the story.  I want Nico and Jamie to end up together. I need to focus on that and so do my men. But how to make that happen? Just this morning I wrote a love scene between Jamie and Nico, and just as Jamie was coming, Piter thrust an image of himself with them into Jamie’s mind. Yes, he has the ability to get into people’s head. It’s that kind of story!

Now, the story could have gone in all kinds of twisted directions from here, depending on how Jamie reacts. Do I have him go along with Piter, have him fantasize about the man while Nico is inside him? And then there’s the fact that Nico can sometimes see into Jamie’s thought as well. What if he catches Jamie tangled in his rival’s arms? Does he feel betrayed? And what of my readers? Do they like seeing the threesome or would they hate that Jamie gives in to Piter’s seduction after saying he loved Nico?

Maybe it would be better for everyone and the storyline if Jamie rejects Piter’s intrusion, throws him from his mind. Hmmm… I know Piter wouldn’t like that one bit. I can already picture his face twisted in fury, beautiful and terrible. The story could take a whole new direction from here…

This is probably where I should take a step back and reevaluate where I want the story to go. Don’t you agree? As much as I’m itching to let a scene play out between these three, I have to reel my men in and remind them who they’re supposed to end up with. Pretty much like real life! We may be attracted to that gorgeous hunk at the bar, but is he really good for me? How much do I have to lose by being with him? It’s probably always a good thing to question my characters on their motives, remind them of what’s important in their life.

So, to keep my men faithful, I have to keep them focused on their goals, remind them what’s important and who their true love is. I’ll keep that kinky threesome for another time. *winks* Maybe for that blog tour… Thanks for stopping in!

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