Seduce Day w/Guest Havan Fellows

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Havan Fellows

Mock working title: Snake in the Bush

Two words…snake shifter 😉

“Son of a bitch!” Marvin exclaimed as he side stepped around the extremely observant green snake and grabbed the towel off the back of the toilet. He slipped when his wet foot stepped off the bathmat, but with quick thinking and madly flailing arms he managed to right himself again.

A knock on the bathroom door followed by his mama’s voice, “Language,” had him rolling his eyes.

He quickly wrapped the towel around his wet hips and tucked the end in securely over his prominent pelvic bone. “Sorry mama.” He muttered and attempted to step over the reptile.

It turned into a dance between him and the snake. He would lift his left foot to walk over it and it would slide to its right and block Marvin’s path. Pulling his left foot back in he would attempt the same maneuver with his right foot, only to have the snake quickly catch on and move to the other side.

“Really? Beaten by a scaly serpent?” Marvin backed up a step and bent his knees squatting by the intruder.

“Listen. You don’t belong here. I don’t want to hurt you, but you gots to go.” He shooed it away with his hands to no avail. “Hey, I hear we have some great field mice in the garage. Just ripe for the eating.”

He let his head fall backwards and stared at the ceiling. How did it even get into his bathroom? That was a question he’d asked more than once in his life. He saw a flash of green from the corner of his eye and saw the tail end of the smallish snake as it whipped between his legs.

“Oh hell no!” He shouted and jumped from one foot to the other as he felt the cold scales drag across his ball sac, still wet from his shower.

“Oh dear Lord please don’t constrict, please don’t bite.” He reached under the towel between his legs and grabbed the serpent by the tail. “Okay, no constricting and no biting. Do we understand each other?”

He gently gave a little tug to feel out the situation. The muscled side of the snake that rubbed against the back of his sac tightened up. “No no no no no no no!” Marvin started chanting softly. “Come on baby. Work with me here.”

The snake’s body finally relaxed and sagged a bit, allowing Marvin to pull it out from between his legs. Though most people’s first knee-jerk reaction would be to flush the little fella down the toilet or chuck it out the window he knew he wouldn’t do either such thing. He held it up in front of his face and stared at its little head and beady eyes.

“Hey little guy, you like what you saw down there? Lucky you, not many have had the privilege of venturing around there lately.” He unlocked the bathroom door and headed toward the back porch door. “I finally get manhandled…and technically it’s snakehandled? My life sucks sometimes.” He muttered under his breath.

“Mama, it happened again.” He allowed the snake to coil around his forearm and work its way up to his bicep. Marvin looked at it and humph laughed, it almost looked like the snake was resting his head on Marvin’s shoulder.

He turned the corner and stood in his mama’s kitchen clad only in his shower towel. Didn’t think this one through did he?

“What happened again, honey? Oh looky there, you have a new friend.” He watched her crack some more eggs over the onions, mushrooms, bacon and ham in her cast iron skillet. “And isn’t this one a pretty one?”

“How exactly do these snakes keep getting into our house?”

“Oh not our house, Marvin. Your bathroom…or your bedroom…sometimes in the family room when you’re in there. I don’t ever see them anywhere else. You’re like the Pied Piper of our town, except with snakes instead of mice. Oh I bet the snakes would like it if you could do that with the mice though.” She giggled as she started whipping the eggs and extras together. “They just can’t get enough of you.”

“Yeah well, I’m looking for the huge golden variety if you don’t mind.”

“Well that’s a little racist of you.”

“Mother!” He screeched and spilt the coffee he was pouring. “Damn.” Grabbing a handful of napkins out of the holder he started mopping up his spill. “I can’t believe you said that! I meant snakes.”

She patted his shoulder, cuffed him on the back of his head and pushed him out of the way as she cleaned up the bigger mess he seemed to be making. Sighing loudly, “I know. Unfortunately I know. And don’t call me that, I raised you better. Now, why don’t you release that cutie out back and get some clothes on so you can join us for breakfast?”

“Huh?” He looked to where his mama pointed and jerked his head back. “Yeah, forgot about this little guy.”

“Little guy? What are we talking about in here?”

Mama immediately crossed the kitchen and kissed his father hello before returning to the now firming eggs. “How all the snakes seem to have a thing for Marvin.”

“I thought we weren’t allowed to discuss his sex life anymore. You know, after The Debacle of 2011 with the Rushmore cousins and that missing sleeping bag?”

“Oh we are not having this conversation again.” Marvin quickly walked out the back door to release the snake, letting the screen bang shut behind him.

His mama’s voice carried out to the backyard, “Clever, Paul. Actually I was talking about real snakes this time. One visited him in the bathroom again. I think it’s smitten with him.”

Yeah, it was outright in love with him the way it wrapped around his neck. He didn’t understand why snakes took to him, but he always thought it had something to do with that golden one that saved him from the bullies when he was a kid.

That day had been a life changing experience. Sam and his gang still thought Marvin was a loser, but after that day they thought he was a creepy weird loser and wanted nothing to do with him. That suited him fine. He took to cutting through the woods every chance he got too, hoping to get a glimpse of that golden serpent one more time. Wondering how it would play out if they crossed paths again. It never happened. He realized that the woods were infested with all kinds of snakes, different colors, shapes and sizes. But that elusive golden one never appeared again.

To make matters worse, no one believed him that it even existed. The town thought he was a kid with an over-active imagination and penchant for telling tales. His parents just nodded their heads, patted him on the back and agreed with anything he told them. The bullies refused to step forward and corroborate his story. They just stared at him and said they saw nothing and he was a whack job. And they did all that from a distance, none-the-less.


Alone: In My Dreams #2

As promised, here’s a 2nd part sneak peek! 🙂

“I know you,” I muttered and then let out a hysterical giggle. “Elijah. Wait, his real name is Dave. No, Dan something.” I laughed louder and shook my head. “I’m sleeping. The guy from The Originals just flew in my window and joined me in bed. Great. Night.”

“My name is Conall.”

I glanced at the TV and realized the movie wasn’t distorted and I remembered thinking that was one of the signs of that being a dream. A person couldn’t actually see stuff on a screen accurately. I shoved the man off of me roughly and rolled off the bed, falling to the floor in a heap, twisting my ankle. He blinked at me as he sat up.

“You’re quite strong for a human.”

“Fear will do that,” I muttered, holding up my hand and counting my fingers. All five were there—no more or less. Not dreaming.

I scooted into my closet and pulled a promotional rack card I used for signing off the shelf and read it. I could. Not dreaming.

“This isn’t a dream,” I whimpered as I stared up at him. “You’re real.”

“I am,” he chuckled as he easily slid out of my bed and squatted on the floor before me. “Nice of you to catch up.” He held out his hand but I batted it away.

“Fine, I’m going to bed. You won’t be here when I get up.”

“But I will.”

“No. Leave my house.”

“Don’t be rude.”

“Don’t break in before bed,” I snapped as I stood, wincing at the pain in my ankle. I hopped over to my bed, quickly taking out my contacts and not caring that they fell to the floor. There was no way I was making it to the bathroom again with the way my foot was feeling and how exhausted I was. “Get out.”

“I can help,” he cooed as he lifted me into bed. I didn’t even get a chance to ask before he put his finger to my mouth and pushed it past my lips. It took me a second to realize that there was blood on it and by then it was too late—it was under my tongue and there wasn’t any way I was spitting it back out.

Fuck it. I rolled over and it slipped out of my mouth as I snuggled under the covers, hoping I was just hallucinating from something I’d eaten. That could happen, right? Extreme reaction to bad meat or something?

But it wasn’t. He was still there when I opened my eyes—staring at me.

And it wasn’t that actor. This guy was bigger. His shoulders broader, more muscular. Hair longer, hanging in his eyes and past his ears. I’m sure there were other differences as well, but it wasn’t like I had a side by side comparison opportunity right then.

Maybe another fucked up day.

“I asked you to leave.”

“You demanded I leave actually.”

“You didn’t do that either.”

“I don’t want to,” he informed me.

“Do you always get what you want?”


This was getting us nowhere so I tried another direction other than childish. “What do you want…”

“Conall. Conall Brightmore. And I want to help you. Make you your best so I get more of what I love.”

“And what’s that?” I hedged, know there had to be a catch.

There was always a catch in life. I was old enough to know that. I might not have been old at thirty-five, but old enough to not be stupid and naïve.

“Your books. I want more. There was a lapse in them for many months and it upsets me. I was going to come sooner to help but then you had a loss in your life and I thought it rude to put myself first and wanted to give you time to heal. I read you weren’t feeling well and knew you needed my help. I can help you if you let me, lovely Nina. You should be feeling better already with the drops of my blood.”

I sat up slowly and took stock of my body. Sliding out of bed, I stretched out before walking to the bathroom. I did my morning business and headed to my office—which was on the way to the kitchen—grabbing a pair of contacts as I turned on my computer before continuing on, still not answering him. I started the coffee as I put them in before brushing my teeth, everything I would do if the strange man wasn’t there.

It wasn’t until my coffee was done and I was doctoring it up that I saw he was leaning his hands back against the counter studying me, impatience in his eyes I answered.

“Yeah, I feel great. About as close to wanting to go out and run a marathon as I’ll ever get. My heads clear, not a twinge or stiffness in my body. No stress, no worry, nothing. I feel light and happy, nothing weighing me down, but not drugged, high, or drunk.”

I took a sip of my drink and glanced at him over the top of it, noticing finally that he’d lost the suit jacket and his shirt was open, his perfectly toned eight pack making my hungry for something else. It hadn’t effected my sex drive—that was always high around hot men… Even ones that were obviously not human apparently.

“How is that possible? I mean, you liked the smell of me so I’m thinking you eat my kind, right? You said I was strong for a human. So we’re really going with you not being human.” He smiled widely and two of his teeth extended out complete with sharp pointy tips. “No. No, not human at all.”

“No, not human at all,” he chuckled as he moved closer, slowly, like a predator. At first I stood my ground but then when he was close enough to touch me my instincts kicked in and I did take a step back until I bumped into the other counter. “Relax, Nina. If I wanted to hurt you, I had more than enough chances already. I want to help you feel better, write more which you love to do. I want you to be happy and all I ask is you feed my need.”

“For what?” I panted as he took my coffee and set it on the counter behind me, his body pressed firmly against mine.

“Nothing is more intoxicating as intelligent, creative blood. I will tend to everything you need in life, nurture your talent, keep you safe and healthy, prevent illness or aging from your body and all I want is more stories from your mind and blood now and again from your body.”

“And if I say no?”

“You asked me earlier if I always get what I want,” he reminded me as he lowered his mouth to my neck. I moaned as his fangs pierced my neck, the most intense and overwhelming bliss shattering my senses. His arms wrapped around me as he pushed his leg between mine. The next thing I knew I screamed as I climaxed out of nowhere like a teenager who’d never had a boy shove his hand in her panties before. “That was merely a taste of what it can be like.”

“Okay then,” I panted as he kissed my neck where he’d just bitten, the innuendo and implications quite and vividly clear.

“Still want to say no?” he purred as hands moved down my body.

I cleared my throat and stepped away. “Never said I did, just asked my options.” That doesn’t mean I want to say yes either. But I really got the feeling I didn’t have much of a choice without a huge fight… One that would land me in an insane asylum since this involved a vampire in my house.

The sane part of my brain really did think it best to see how this played out. After all he was offering me the moon and stars for a little orgasmic bite now and again. How bad could that be?